Do you want to join the EFRJ and become a member?

Membership is open to individuals and organisations (government, statutory and non-governmental) who support the general aim of the EFRJ. Full members have voting rights, associate members do not.
To apply for membership is very easy! You just complete the application form below and complete the payment procedure. Organisational members must appoint a representative from within their organisation. The mandate, appointing that person as the representative and duly signed by the proper authority within the organisation, should be sent together with the application form.

Membership advantages

  • Regular informative EFRJ newsflashes
  • Reduced rate for ‘The International Journal’ of Restorative Justice
  • Exclusive access to directory containing contact details of all members
  • Reduced fees for the EFRJ conferences
  • Reduced fees for other EFRJ events and activities, such as the Summer School (see here!)
  • Reduced fees for the conferences of our partners
  • Reduced fees for the events of our partners
  • Exclusive access to the member’s section of the website (coming soon!)
  • Reduced prices of EFRJ publications
  • Ability to nominate for the Restorative Justice Award
  • Advanced access to the EFRJ’s newsletter
  • Networking opportunities with colleagues from all around Europe and beyond
  • A voice in the decision-making within the EFRJ
  • Opportunities to contribute through participation in the EFRJ committees and working groups
  • Opportunities to support the work of the EFRJ
  • Opportunity to propose the venue to host future EFRJ events (e.g. conferences, Summer School)
  • Opportunity to be recommended as a RJ expert in a given field/ geographical area to other EFRJ members
  • Support from the Secretariat when sourcing information
  • Access to the full film ‘A Conversation‘ (RJ Week 2017)

Do you wish to register as a new member or renew your membership?

Registering or renewing membership will be available again from February 2020. Currently we are changing our website and our new site will be launched in only a few weeks from now on. Membership registrations and payments will be available there soon! Please note that we have slightly changed our membership fees from this year. Please see details below.

New Membership fees (Applicable from January 1st, 2020) 

In order to aim for a more fair contribution system, the membership fees are adjusted from 2020. The new systems reflects the economical status of the European countries.  According to decision made by the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the European Forum for Restorative Justice (June 4th, 2019, Bilbao, Spain) the following membership fees are applicable from 2020:

Countries from category A

(= GDP above or equivalent to European GDP average)

Countries from category B

(= GDP below the European GDP average)

Non-Governmental Organisational Member

(regional, national, international)

350 €

200 €

Governmental Organisational

900 €

650 €

Individual Member

90 €

50 €

Student Individual Member

45 €

25 €

Membership fees are payable for the period between 1 January and 31 December of any year. It is preferable that renewals are done before 15 May. This allows us so to present the actual list of members to the Annual General Meeting (due in June each year). There is no difference in membership fee for full and associate members.

* Since 2016, the EFRJ offers a special discount for students (below 27 years old) who wish to become members! In order to apply for the student fee, students are required to send supporting documents (i.e. scanned copy of the student ID card), together with the registration form, to the EFRJ Secretariat.

Old Membership fees (Applicable until December 31st, 2019) – only for retrospective payments

  • Individual member: 45 EUR (for students* the membership fee is only 25 euros!!!)
  • Local organisation: 135 EUR
    A local organisation is an organisation that, for example, functions at the level of a municipality.
  • Non-governmental organisation (regional, national, international):  195 EUR
    A regional organisation will deliver services at the level of a province or a region. A national organisation has in its mandate the intention to service a whole country, and an international organisation has a clear international mandate.
  • Regional, national and international governmental organisation: 675 EUR

If you still wish to renew your membership for the year 2019, contact our Financial Officer, Rik Defrère.



All members can apply for a partial or full waiver of the fee under certain conditions. Please contact the EFRJ Secretariat for further information. Please mention ‘Membership + Waiver + Your Full Name’  in the subject line of your email!

Change of contact details

To inform us about changes in your contact details or representative, please contact the EFRJ Secretariat. Don’t forget to mention ‘Membership + Changes + Your Full Name’  in the subject line of your email.


Thank you very much for helping the EFRJ to continue with its work!