The Secretariat consists of the executive director, financial & administrative officer, communications & events officer, and administrative officer. On a project-basis research-coordinators and research assistants are attracted. On a regular basis the Secretariat accepts interns and volunteers. The Secretariat is located in Leuven (see at the bottom) in the building of the KU Leuven Institute of Criminology where the EFRJ was born as part of the Research Line on Restorative Justice and Victimology.

Current Secretariat of the EFRJ


 Edit Törzs   〉   Executive Director

Edit (Hungary) studied law at the ELTE University Budapest, where she later followed the PhD programme in the field of Criminology. She also has a degree in European and French Law from Université Panthéon-Assas in Paris (France). From 2004 she worked for the Hungarian Office of Justice, on the Methodological Department of the Probation Service and from 2006 was responsible for the field of victim-offender mediation. She is a trained mediator and facilitator of restorative conferences and she almost completed a 4-year programme in dance therapy. She joined the EFRJ in January 2012 as a project officer in the project ‘ALTERNATIVE’ on RJ in intercultural settings and since 2016 she is the Executive Director of the EFRJ.
Tel. +32 (0)16 373598 E-mail [email protected]

Emanuela Biffi   〉   Communication & Events Officer

Emanuela (Italy) studied Liberal Arts at the University College Maastricht (The Netherlands) with a focus on social psychology and criminal law and the Master programme in Criminology at KU Leuven (Belgium). She joined the EFRJ team in September 2013, mostly working as a project officer in two EU-funded projects, ‘Accessibility and Initiation of Restorative Justice’ and ‘ALTERNATIVE’ on RJ in intercultural settings. She was also part of the KU Leuven research team in another EU-funded project ‘Implementing Victim Oriented Reforms of the criminal justice system in the EU (IVOR)’. Since 2016 she is the Communication and Events Officer of the EFRJ.
Tel. +32 (0)466 209112 E-mail [email protected]

Rik Defrère   〉   Finance & Administration Officer

Rik Defrère FAO2016 h.jpgRik (Belgium) has a bachelor in accountancy. After a more than 30-year experience in the banking and investments world, he puts his knowledge at the service of non-profit organisations. Since January 2016, he is the responsible for the financial management of the EFRJ, in the role of Finance and Administration Officer.
Tel. +32 (0)466 209112 E-mail [email protected]


Laura Hein   〉   Policy Officer

Laura (Italy) studied Political Science at the University of Bologna with a focus on international and European human rights law. She has extended professional experiences as project and policy officer working with NGOs in the field of development and cooperation, migrant’s rights and conflict resolution. She also researched and worked in the field, mainly in Latin America. In 2016 she joint the KU Leuven research team in transitional justice in the implementation of academic activities and of an EU-funded project concerning the psychosocial support to migrants. In March 2018 she started her PhD in Criminology. She joined the EFRJ team in May 2018.
Tel. +32 (0)466 209112 E-mail [email protected]

Bálint Juhász  〉  Training and Communication Officer

Bálint (Hungary) has been working extensively with education and training programmes, cultural project management and theatre internationally. Previously, he was the educational programme manager of the performing arts company, Krétakör. He led Krétakör Free School, a democracy awareness programme for students. He has experience in working with marginalised groups of society. In Brussels, he led community theatre workshops for vulnerable families. He holds a degree of Literature and Linguistics from ELTE University Budapest and is completing a Master in Education with a focus on drama at Trinity College Dublin. He joined EFRJ in 2019 to contribute to the organisation’s training development and communication.
Tel: +32 (0)466 209112 Email: [email protected]

Thanks to our former EFRJ staff!

Kris Vanspauwen, executive officer (2013-2015) and consultant (2016-2017)
Mirko Miceli, liaison officer (2014-2016)
Daria Nashat, 
executive director (2016)
Katrien Lauwaert
researcher of ALTERNATIVE and research-coordinator of Desistance and RJ (2013-2015)
Emilie Van Limbergen,
communication officer of ALTERNATIVE (2014-2015)
Harry Knooren, financial and administrative officer (2015)
Jozefina Gjelaj, financial and administrative officer (2014)
Malini Laxminarayan, research-coordinator of Accessibility and Initiation of RJ (2013-2014)
Monique Anderson, executive officer (2012-2013)
Daniela Bolivar, research coordinator of Victims and RJ (2012)
Inge Vanfraechem, research coordinator of Victims and RJ (2011)
Jeanine Dams, admin officer (2010-2011)
Estelle Zinsstag, research coordinator of Conferencing (2009-2011)
Karolien Mariën, executive officer (2009-2012)
Brunilda Pali, research coordinator of Building social support for RJ (2008-2010)
Jolien Willemsens, executive officer (2000-2009)
Sofie Doorman, intern (2019)

Address of the Secretariat of the EFRJ

Hooverplein 10
3000 Leuven
Tel. +32.466.20.91.12 (also WhatsApp)