Call for abstracts on LGBTI hate crime and RJ

Deadline: 27 February 2020.


This Call for abstracts is part of the project by Speak Out, an initiative by partner organisations from nine different European countries, led by Belgium’s çavaria (our coordinating partner in the running LetsGoByTalking Project),

Topics can include but are not limited to:

  • The evolution of Restorative Justice (approached from historical, comparative, or
    future-forward policy angles)
  • Different types of Restorative Justice (e.g. mediation, restorative group
    conversation, learning trajectories, community service, restorative justice by
  • Restorative justice in hate crimes (risk assessment, pros and cons, skills and
    knowledge needed – LGBTI specific, restorative justice in hate crimes by proxy,…)
  • Good practices / cases of successful Restorative Justice in Hate Crimes

The length of the full expert article should be 3000 – 8000 words, depending on the topic. The deadline for the full articles is May 1st 2020. The reference and style guide of the handbook will be shared with the authors after the selection procedure.
Compensation for the author: €500 per article
Method of payment: Invoice, including all costs and taxes
Copyright ownership: Made for hire

Please send your abstract submission to Ms. Kelly Grossthal from the Estonian Human Rights Centre at [email protected] and to Mx. Alexi De Greef from the LGBTI umbrella organisation in Flanders, Belgium at [email protected] by 17th February 2020.


See the details of the call here. 

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Recordings on RJ responses to environmental harm and ecocide​

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