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Project in Malta on prisoners’ inclusion

03/12/2019 - 05/12/2019

The University of Malta is participating in an ESF (European Social Fund) project called “Participation for Employment at CCF: Social inclusion through Education and Training” as coordinated by the Correctional Services Division within the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security. The main objective of the project is the active inclusion of prison inmates within the labour market and society in general through education and training.

The Project envisages the setting up of twelve working groups as part of the planned research activities, with the role of the said working groups being to research best practices and produce a policy document, guidelines for implementation, and a training guide for officers, professionals and administrative staff, as well as a document for quality assurance in their respective areas.

EFRJ Board member Patrizia Patrizi is involved supporting the WG 7 “Applying Restorative Justice in a Prison Context” as an external expert. She is asked to: Exploring the best practices in the area, both at a local and international level; Consulting stakeholders; Drawing up a policy document; Identifying core strategies and enabling strategies; Drawing a plan and procedures for implementation; Drawing guidelines for securing quality and impact measurement of the interventions in the implementation phase; Drawing a training and development guide for inmates, officers, professionals and administrative staff; Piloting and evaluating courses/manuals/guidelines; Participating in the evaluation of the training activities as relevant to the area.

Patrizia participated in a visit to Malta (3, 4, 5 December 2019). In 2020 she organises one study visit for five persons to take place in a selected prison in her country of residence, with the scope to experience good practices in this field.


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