Erasmus+: ‘Restorative me’



The EFRJ is organising a Training Course (TC) under the Erasmus+ programme in Leuven entitled ‘Restorative ME’.

Dates: October 9th-16th, 2016
Venue: De Blauwput Youth Hostel
Address: Martelarenlaan 11A | 3010 Kessel-Lo, Leuven (Belgium)



RESTORATIVE ME will provide participants with strategies, methodologies and tools of work typical of mediators stimulating therefore constructive communication, emphatic dialogue and acceptance of different points of view and positions as a resource. The skills and expertise of the trainers will provide a unique opportunity for participants to broaden their knowledge of restorative justice practices and principles through a variety of non-formal education techniques, workshops, and interactive sessions. The formative visits to the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, the Secretariat of the EFRJ and a local organisation engaged in mediation will enrich the training with insights from research and practice on restorative justice.


– Raising awareness of restorative justice approaches within European youth workers;
– Empowering youth workers with strategies and methods typical of mediators;
– Developing youth workers competences in managing conflicts using approaches based on dialogue and cooperation among parties involved and by providing a specific set of skills;
– Enhancing emphatic dialogue and stimulating teamwork attitude to improve the overall employability and professionality of the youth workers attending the TC and giving useful tools to their sending organisations;
– Promoting international exchange of practices and tools to deal with conflict based on the different background and experience of the represented countries.

Please download the INFOPACK for further  information


Youth workers from Belgium (3), Croatia (3), Latvia (3), (Former Yugoslav Republic of) Macedonia (3), Italy (3), Romania (3), Spain (3);
Age 22- 30 preferred (+30 can be considered)
Fluent in English,
Good communication skills;
Deeply motivated and interested in restorative justice;
Background experience/education in social justice, or peace-building, or conflict resolution, or law, or human rights, or psychology;
Interested in further promoting youth projects on restorative justice in the future; and
Willing to learn and use restorative approaches in his/her line of work.



Please note that this is a free of charge training course funded by the Erasmus+ programme. Meals and accommodation are provided to all participants and travel costs reimbursed for non-Belgian participants (up to 275€ and upon submission of supporting documents – train tickets, flight boarding passes, etc.).

If you are interested in attending Restorative ME and resident in one of the partner countries (see above), please submit the online Application Form (applications will be assessed on a rolling basis and the selection procedure closed the second week of September the latest).

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European Forum for Restorative Justice



Asociación Mundus – Un Mundo A Tus Pies (SPAIN)


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