Tirana 13/06/2018

Annual General Meeting 2018

AGM logoThe next Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the EFRJ membership will take place in Tirana, Albania on 13 June evening, just before the 10th international Conference of the EFRJ will start (14-16 June).

Please find here the final Agenda of the meeting, with its annexes:

Annex I AGM 2017 Berlin Agenda and Minutes
Annex II Draft Annual Report 2017*
Annex III EFRJ board candidates 2018
Annex IV Constitution amendments for AGM 2018
Annex V Explanatory document on constitutional changes

*All previous Annual Reports can be found here. A summary of 2017 can be found in the Directors’ presentation at the AGM here.

All members (full and associate) are entitled to attend and speak at the AGM. Still, voting rights are reserved to full members only. If you are a full member but you cannot attend the AGM in Tirana, we kindly invite you to participate by giving a proxy to another individual or organisational member with full membership status. In practice this means:

  • You must write and sign a document in which you express that another EFRJ member will vote on your behalf. On this document, you must state the following: “I, your full name, authorise full name of the person/organisation to which you give your proxy vote to vote on my behalf at the 2018 Annual General Meeting to be held in Tirana (Albania) on 13 June 2018. Date, place, your signature
  • Please note that any member with full membership status can only act as a proxy for a maximum of 5 other full members and that the person/organisation to which you have given your proxy vote should bring the signed (original or scanned) document to the AGM and hand it over to the staff of the EFRJ Secretariat.




A draft agenda of the meeting was published in March: in case two or more menbers wish to propose an additional point or revision, they must contact the Secretariat before 25 April. Among other topics in the agenda, elections will take place to nominate two new members of the Board: click here to find information on the six candidates. Also, the EFRJ membership will be asked to vote on important constitutional changes, as agreed after the previous AGM where we could not have sufficient representation of our members to vote.