Cairns 13/07/2017

Asia-Pacific Forum for RJ

The Asia-Pacific Forum for Restorative Justice (APFRJ) will meet on 13 July (12:00-12:45) in Cairns, during the conference organised by the Asian Criminological Society (10-13 July).

This is a good occasion to meet the new coordinator of the APFRJ, Prof. Dennis Wong of City University of Hong Kong, who will take the lead instead of Dr. Brian Steels, who will now take the  role of honorary Patron together with Prof. John Braithwaite.

The APFRJ and the EFRJ have a well-established cooperation. Last year we organised an inter-regional seminar in Istanbul ‘The East meeting the West‘, which has been postponed for unforeseen circumstances. Soon, we will announce new dates and venue for this joint event.