Barcelona 4-7/07/2017

CJPE summer course



The Criminal Justice Summer Courses organised by the Criminal Justice Platform Europe (CJPE) took place in Barcelona on 4-7 July 2017. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PROGRAMME, including abstracts of the lectures and the workshop sessions, the biographies of the invited experts and much more!

Click on the links below to download the reports of the workshops:

Report Workshop on Desistance_CJ Summer Courses
Report Workshop on Radicalisation_CJ Summer Courses
Report Workshop on Engaging Offenders to Change_CJ Summer Courses

Below, you can download some presentations which took place during the event. Some presentations included confidential information and will not be published online.

Plenary 1_Co-producing desistance_ towards a sense of ‘we-ness’_Beth Weaver
Plenary 2_Reintegrating Violent Extremist Offenders_Liesbeth van der Heide
Plenary 3_How Restorative Values Support Engagement,Desistance and Deradicalisation_Tim Chapman

Workshop on Engaging offenders to change Chapman
Workshop on Engaging offenders to change Delaney

Workshop on Desistance_Session 1
Workshop on Desistance_Session 2
Workshop on Desistance_Session 3 Working alliance
Workshop on Desistance_Session 4 Experiencing
Workshop on Desistance_Session 5 Conclusions

More material may be published here in the following weeks.



The 3-day summer course will consist of 3 workshops tailored for a mixture of prison, probation and RJ experts. The topics of the courses are still under preparation and will touch on issues related to radicalisation, desistance and engaging offenders to change. The course will provide opportunities to build a learning and professional network with colleagues from across Europe. The programme will be validated by the University of Barcelona and certificates awarded for successful completion.


Registrations are now open!
Fee: 350€ is the early booking rate (400€ after 30 April 2017) per participant for the event. Flights, accommodation and subsistence are NOT included. Attendance certification will be provided.

Address:  Ausias Marc 40– check here about possible Hotels in the area!

Cancellation policy: If you cancel your registration to the Summer Course before 30 April, you will receive a refund of 90% of your registration fee. If you cancel before 31 May, you will receive a refund of 50%. After this date, reimbursement is no longer possible.


Feel free to disseminate the Flyer of this Summer Course to your network.

ccjpe course