CJPE’s conference on Radicalisation and Violent Extremism


The Criminal Justice Platform Europe is happy to invite you to its next event, a conference on ‘Radicalisation and Violent Extremism’ (Barcelona, 26 April 2016). The conference is organised by EuroPris in collaboration with its CJPE’s partners, CEP and EFRJ, and with support of the Centre for Legal Studies of the Ministry of Justice of Catalonia. The conference will focus on radicalisation and violent extremism in Europe, in particular on these issues in prisons, probation and the community and the transfer of radicalised offenders from prison back into society. Download here the preliminary agenda of the event.

Find more information about the event on the website of Europris. Registrations are now open: the event is free of charge, so the ‘first-come first-served’ policy applies. Feel free to share this campaign within your network!


The notes and presentations from this seminar are uploaded on the EuroPris website.