Budapest 3-5/04/2017

Conference on insecurity in marginalised areas

The vice-chair of the EFRJ Board, Annemieke Wolthuis, will contribute to the final conference of the MARGIN project, a research addressing the topic of insecurity in marginalised areas (Budapest, 3-5 April). A relevant panel for our RJ community is ‘Institutional perspectives on crime prevention and restorative justice‘ on the second conference day.

Wolthuis will present on different research projects where the EFRJ was a coordinator or a partner, with a particular focus on domestic violence, accessibility and initiation of restorative justice and victims’ needs. Other panelists will discuss other challenges and applications of RJ practices, including in prison settings, for encouraging desistance and for dealing with radicalisation.



Find below some pictures of the event! Annemieke reported that many of the EFRJ projects, as well as many projects coordinated by our members, were presented, such as ALTERNATIVE, MEREPS, desistance & RJ and RJ in domestic violence cases. Clearly, all presentations were linked to security and safety issues, as the main theme of the MARGIN conference. In particular, the ALTERNATIVE project on RJ in intercultural settings was presented by our colleague from the Victimology Society of Serbia, Sanja Copic. The ALTERNATIVE team will soon release two books resulting from this project!


Annemieke Budapest MARGIN 04042017  Annemieke Budapest MARGIN 04042017 a

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