Kiev 3-4/09/2017

EFRJ vice-chair in Ukraine

Annemieke Wolthuis (The Netherlands), the vice-chair of the EFRJ Board, has just started an evaluation project of a family conferencing project in two closed juvenile justice institutions in Ukraine, initiated by the Dutch organisation Friends of Pryluky and funded by the Council of Europe.

On 3-4 September 2017 she will be in a meeting in Kiev to discuss international research and a methodology for the interviews and focus groups to be held in the boys colony Pryluky and the girls colony Melitopol in different parts of the country.

In Ukraine, juveniles often get long sentences and due to several factors such as poverty, alcohol- and drug abuse and contacts with family are often difficult to maintain. In this context the family conferencing project was initiated to see if contact with family and/or other people from the network can be reinforced. This also to work towards a better reintegration after release.

For more info, see the Youtube film (coming soon).