Brussels 23/02/2017

Expert seminar on the Victims Directive


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATIONS (pictures of the event can be found on social media)


The Criminal Justice Platform Europe (CJPE) is organising an expert seminar on the implementation of the Victims’ Directive on 23 February 2017 in Brussels (10-16 hr). The focus will be on Art. 25 and 26, respectively on training of professionals and lay people and cooperation between services in order to provide better support and protection to victims of crime across Europe.


Address: KU Leuven Campus Brussel, Auditorium 6303, building Hermes 3, Warmoesberg 26 in Brussel


The seminar will include plenary speeches in the morning (by representatives of the European Commission, Victim Support Europe, the EFRJ, Europris and the Confederation of European Probation) and thematic workshops in the afternoon. The seminar is open to about 40 experts coming from the field of training, probation, prison, restorative justice, victim support, policy-making.

The common theme, bringing together the Victims’ Directive and the interests of different organisations working in the criminal justice field, is ‘Training of professionals and cooperation in the framework of Art 25 and 26 of the Victims’ Directive‘. The seminar will encourage experts to discuss how to develop victim awareness within their services and better collaboration between services.

WE NEED YOUR INPUT! Please fill in this online survey on RJ in the Victims’ Directive: the results of this research will be presented during the expert seminar. Feel free to share this link within your network.