Italy 2017

Italian events

Since the beginning of her mandate as a new member of the EFRJ Board, Patrizia Patrizi (Sassari University) has been quite active in Italy to represent our RJ community and further develop RJ in her country. In most events, she works together with Gian Luigi Lepri (PsicoIus, Rome), one of our members in the Working Group on Values and Standards for RJ.

26-27 May Sassari, Italy
Patrizia contributed to the event ‘Prigione e territorio: percorsi di integrazione dentro e fuori le carceri‘ (Prison and territory: integration paths inside and outside the prisons) organised by the University and the municipality of Sassari in cooperation with the board of the forensic order.

3-8 July Bergamo, Italy
Patrizia and Gian Luigi have been two of the lecturers at the Summer School 2017 ‘La giustizia dell’incontro: fondamenti ed itinerari della restorative justice‘ (Justice in the meeting: foundations and routes of restorative justice) organised by the University of Bergamo (Ivo Lizzola) in collaboration with the diocesan Caritas (3-8 July). More info here. Videos of the Summer School have been posted online.

13-16 July Nuoro, Italy
Patrizia was one of the invited experts at the event ‘Giustizia riparativa / per – dono nella comunità‘ (Restorative Justice / for-give in the community) organised by the association and social cooperatives ‘Ut Unum Sint’. The event was attended by detainees and volunteers. More info here.

23 September Florence, Italy 
Patrizia and Gian Luigi will participate in the conference ‘Trasgressione, Riparazione e Riconstruzione‘ organised by the association Psicologi della Toscana together with our chair of the Board, Tim Chapman, who will speak on the challenges for RJ in Europe.

17-19 November Milan, Italy
Patrizia will be one of the plenary speakers in the national conference on legal psychology. Her presentation will be on the restorative possibilities in legal psychology, entitled Le nuove prospettive promozionali e riparative della psicologia giuridica. Gian Luigi instead will present in a parallel workshop on victims and restorative approaches, entitled Vittime, vulnerabilità e servizi riparativi.

21-23 November RJ WEEK
Patrizia, Gian Luigi and their team will organise three events during the RJ WEEK 2017. In Sassari University, they will screen the EFRJ film ‘A Conversation’ (subtitled in Italian by one of their students) followed by a workshop. In Tempio Pausania, they will organise a RJ conference in prison, hopefully followed by a theatre play of the company ‘Stabile Assai’ composed by detainees. In Rome, they plan a conference in collaboration with the department on juvenile justice and community. All info here.

23-24 November Rome, Italy
On the 23rd, Patrizia will intervene in the training course ‘Riparare. Pratiche di giustizia riparativa per persone in conflitto con la legge‘ (Repairing. RJ practices for people in conflict with the law) in the Prison Administration Department. Her presentation is entitled ‘In equilibrio precario, tra biografie e comunità riparative‘ (in precarious balance between biographies and rehabilitation communities). On the 24th, Patrizia and her team are trying to build a joint event, PsicoIus, UniSS and the Directorate General of Training of the Penitentiary Department.

15 Decembre Ferrara, Italy
Patrizia and Gian Luigi will present on a conference focused on victims’ issues, organised within the Master’s Degree ‘Tutela, diritti e protezione dei minore’ (support, rights and protection of minors).

11-12 January Palermo, Italy
Patrizia and Gian Luigi (and their other key-member of the team, Ernesto Lodi), together with our chair Tim Chapman, will be at the RJ event organised by the association Spondé.