Master Class: Prison Theatre as a Restorative Tool

RJ WEEK 2016: Potentials of storytelling

rj week 2016The International RESTORATIVE JUSTICE WEEK will take place on 20-27 November 2016. The EFRJ is organising a series of activities bringing together arts, justice and storytelling. These RJ WEEK 2016 will include activities not only for passively experiencing and ‘consuming’ stories, but also for sharing and creating them, such as a master class on theatre as a restorative tool, a cartoon workshop and a digital storytelling workshop#RJWeek: follow us on social media!


Master-Class on Prison Theatre

21 November, 14.00-18.00
(Odisee, room 4407, Warmoesberg 43*, 1000 Brussels- Entrance Hermesbuilding 3, fourth floor)


Antonio Turco is the education’s director and cultural manager of the Rebibbia prison in Rome (Italy) and national responsible for the social policies of AICS, Italian Association for Culture and Sport. Turco is also the founder of the theatre company ‘Stabile Assai’ formed by prisoners, prison guards and professional musicians, which benefits from major collaborations with AICS (for the dissemination of its events) and with the department of Social and Legal Psychology of Sassari University and with the PsicoIus Association (for the scientific support and restorative value of its projects).

Turco had been invited in Brussels for a Master-Class on ‘prison dramaturgy’, which is a social theatre of testimonies where prisoners are given the opportunity to share their difficulties and exchange their life stories. Even if the focus of this Master-Class is the prison setting and the social inclusion of prisoners, similar theatre tools are used in other fields of social work (e.g. with youngsters, migrants, drug-dependents, mentally distressed people, victims of violence).

The Master-Class will be divided in two parts:

  • A one-hour general presentation of what is prison dramaturgy in Italy, France and the UK. The presentation will include two short films on two theatre pieces acted and filmed by the detainees.
  • A three-hour workshop (incl. short comfort break) for sharing experiences and practicing the techniques of this specific type of social theatre and storytelling. This workshop is closed for up to 30 people.

Consecutive translation (Italian-English) will be provided.

*There is an entrance also in Stormstraat 2, but the internal division of the building makes it complicated to find the room! We advise you to use the door in Warmoesberg 29 to better find room 4407.



Please note that limited seats are reserved for each activity!



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