Europe 2017

Meet the chair of the EFRJ Board!

Zagreb, 7 March

The chair of the EFRJ Board, Tim Chapman (Northern Ireland) will be promoting RJ in different events across Europe. Find below some of the initiatives he is involved in!


18 February Montelupo, Italy
Tim will support the valuable work done by Simonetta Montinaro and her colleagues to promote RJ in Tuscany (following this previous initiative).


IMG_03377-9 March Zagreb, Croatia
Tim will deliver a training to support the work of Branka Peuraca (member of the editorial committee) and her colleagues to develop the RJ practices in Croatia.


13 March Glasgow, Scotland
Tim, together with Prof. Joanna Shapland, will contribute to the first of a series of public dialogues on RJ, culminating in a day conference, organised in Scotland between February and October 2017. The aim of these events is to increase awareness and understanding of RJ, provide an assessment of the potential for and barriers to the development of RJ in Scotland and produce a platform for advancing the use of RJ in Scotland. More info here.

Tim TheHague CEP 2903201729 March The Hague, The Netherlands
Tim will present at the conference of the European Forum for Urban Safety and Confederation of European Probation (CEP is a member of the Criminal Justice Platform Europe) on the prevention of radicalisation. Tim will speak about the contribution of RJ in the reintegration of violent extremists based on the ALTERNATIVE research project. More info here.


tim manu iirp9-10 May Dublin, Ireland
Tim will present at the IIRP conference on the response of RJ to the changing political and social conditions in the world. At the same event, the staff of the EFRJ will present the ALTERNATIVE filming project. More info here.


18 May Oñati, The Basque Country
Tim will support the development of RJ with young people in the Basque Country using the European Model of Restorative Justice with Children and Young People. The initiative is organised together with our Board member Roberto Moreno. More info here. Download the provisional programme here.

24 May Rome, Italy
Tim will present at the conference ‘Justice and restorative practices for a community of wealth, organised by PsicoIus – Scuola Romana di Psicologia Giuridica. More info here.

5-8 June Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland
Tim will deliver training on restorative conferences and circles. The course, entitled ‘Foundation Skills in Restorative Practices: Intensive Course’, will be given by Tim, Mary Munro and Dr Giuseppe Maglione. More info here.

21 June Dundee, Scotland
Tim will speak at a national youth justice conference on modern trends in youth justice including RJ.

4-7 July Barcelona, Spain
Tim will be presenting and leading a practical workshop on engaging offenders to change as part of the Criminal Justice Summer Courses organised by the EFRJ in cooperation with the Criminal Justice Platform Europe. More info here.

18-19 September Leeds University, UK
Tim will be one of the speakers in the international conference ‘New Advances in Restorative Justice Theory and Practice’ organised by the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies and the funder of the Community of Restorative Researchers, Ian Marder. More info here.

Tim Florence 23Sept1723 September Florence, Italy 
Tim will attend the conference ‘Trasgressione, Riparazione e Riconstruzione‘ organised by the association Psicologi della Toscana together with our Italian board member, Patrizia Patrizi, and our member of the working group on values and standards for RJ, Gian Luigi Lepri. Tim will speak on the challenges for RJ in Europe.



Tim Dublin 2Oct172 October Dublin, Ireland
Tim will attend the conference on Motivational Interviewing. Together with Paul Delaney (our trainer during the CJPE criminal justice summer courses in Barcelona), he will explore the links between RJ and MI. In this picture, Tim is with William Miller, one of the originators of MI, just after presenting on RJ and MI.


24 October San Sebastian, Spain
Tim will give a workshop on Restorative Memory (with other academics).

IMG_116615-17 November Barcelona, Spain
Tim will attend the EFUS conference ‘Security, Democracy & Cities’. Together with our former executive officer Monique Anderson, Tim will present on restorative cities. More info here.


22 November Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tim will attend the meeting for the Ambassadors of Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He will be speaking on the contribution of RJ to peacebuilding in Northern Ireland.

If you need more information, please contact Tim Chapman at [email protected]g.