RJ WEEK 2015- Calendar of events

If you cannot attend the events taking place in Leuven during the RJ WEEK 2015, we would like to encourage you to organise your own local event and share it with us! We will be happy to give it visibility on the EFRJ website and social media! Some of our members already informed us about their RJ initiatives… see below the calendar of events taking place across Europe (and beyond) during the RJ WEEK 2015 (more events will come soon)!



16-18 November, Leuven: ALTERNATIVE conference on RJ in conflicts in intercultural settings organised by KU Leuven, the coordinator of the EU-funded project ‘ALTERNATIVE’.

18 November, Leuven: theatre play, book presentation, film screening and celebration of the 15th anniversary of the EFRJ. Click here to see the full programme and register now!

20 November, Leuven: Day on RJ & diversity ‘Conflicthantering op maat van het individu, diversiteit als uitgangspunt‘ organised by the Flemish mediation centre Suggnome’.


15-22 November, Zagreb: The Croatian NGO ‘Association for Out-of-Court Settlement and Mediation in Criminal Proceedings’, together with Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences (Department for Behavioral Disorders and Department for Criminology) from University of Zagreb, will hold an activity with students within the elective course ‘Out-of-Court Settlement’. More info here, or contact Anja Mirosavljević.


19 November, Como: University of Insubria will held a seminar on RJ open to all its law students. During the seminar, the documentary ‘Restorative Justice, journey for the discovery of Restorative Justice‘ will be projected (English subtitles available soon!). The University of Insubria is the first University in Italy to acknowledge and make space for RJ as a tool for handling conflicts arising in the context of the university life: the University Regulation for students was modified thanks to the efforts of the Restorative Justice and Mediation Studies Centre and the changes have been made just on time to be reported in occasion of the Restorative Justice Week 2015. More info here.

19 November, Tempio Pausania: Two different events will be organised in Sardinia by the University of Sassari: the Restorative Conference in Prison and the Restorative Aperitivo (restorative drink) in a local bar in Tempio Pausania. This last event, the Restorative Aperitivo, has been proposed by the owner of a local bar and it will be the first of a series of Restorative Aperitivi to raise awareness among workers in local shops, bars, restaurants about restorative practices and to build a network of commercial activities using restorative principles in Tempio Pausania. These local commercial activities will declare to adopt restorative and peaceful approaches in their relationships. More info here and spread the poster!

19-20 November, Rome: Conference of the EU-funded project ‘Building Bridges’ in Rome. This project brings together groups of unrelated victims of crime and offenders (prisoners or ex-prisoners) for ‘restorative dialogue’ and learning. Download the programme here.

20 November: The final report on the concrete possibilities of applying RJ during the phase of the enforcement of sanctions will be delivered to the Ministry of Justice. This report has been prepared by the Working group on Restorative Justice established by the Italian Minister of Justice. The midterm report is available here. More info here from the University of Insubria.

21 November, Bari: The research centre C.R.I.S.I. launched an initiative to reflect on the use of RJ principles in everyday life, with a focus on personal relationships. It asked students from local schools to draw or narrate experiences in which they felt as ‘riparatori’, those who repaired and fixed a situation of conflict. Some good testimonies have been collected already and they will be presented and exhibited in a public meeting on 21 November afternoon. During this meeting, experts have been invited to discuss the results of the students’ works regarding RJ principles. For more info, contact Anna Coppola De Vanna.


5-10 December: Sometimes unresolved conflicts in school environment turn into criminal offenses in various expression of violence against each other. For this reason, several seminars entitled ‘Implementation principles of Restorative Justice in the school environment: Resource for positive change’ will be organized in multiple cities around Latvia to celebrate a belated RJ WEEK 2015. The event’s activities will organized by both students and teachers. For further info, contact Diana Ziedina.


18 November, Bucharest’s faculty of law: the event ‘International Restorative Justice Week’ is organised for the first time in Romania (14-18.30hr). Representatives of the criminal justice system (police officers, prosecutors, judges, probation officers, counselors from the prison system, lawyers, students of the law faculties and mediators) have been invited to attend this event. By presenting a role-play mediation, based on a real case, the participants will have the opportunity to watch how a victim-offender mediation is conduct, to ask questions and receive answers on the stages and effects of mediation in penal matters. The event is organised by the Mediators’ College, in collaboration with the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law and the Institute of Sociology of the Romanian Academy – ‘Laboratory Violence and Criminality, Mediation and Prevention’. For more info, contact Ana Balan.


16-17 November, Bilbao’s Court House: Four participants of the EFRJ Summer School 2015 in Lisbon are organising two trainings in Bilbao to disseminate what they have learned about the Victims Directive and RJ. More info here.


16-17 November, Amsterdam: The International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) Europe is organising the following course for professional development in Amsterdam: Restorative Leadership Development: Authority with Grace (Register here!)

18-19 November, Amsterdam: The International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) Europe is organising the following course for professional development in Amsterdam: Restorative Responses to Adversity and Trauma (Register here!)


15-22 November: The founder from the Community of Restorative Researchers put together a document called ‘Restorative Introductions’, launched by the RJ WEEK 2015. This document includes about 200 words summaries (or posters) of RJ/RP research/practice/policymaking to get to know what people are doing the field. Contact Ian Marder for further info ([email protected]). The .pdf is available here.

15-22 November: The Ministry of Justice is running the campaign ‘I’ve got something to say’ to increase general awareness and understanding of restorative justice and emphasise the benefits for victims. Digital materials will be available soon to be downloaded.

16-20 November, University of Hertfordshire: A series of events will take place each day of the RJ WEEK 2015 addressing different types of audiences, such as criminal justice authorities, restorative justice practitioners, students, volunteers and the general public. Activities include an interactive workshop, an informative leaflets’ campaign, an training course, a seminar, role-plays and the ‘RJ Film Festival’. Download here the full programme!

17 November, Cambridgeshire Constabulary Police Headquarters- Huntingdon: the Cambridgeshire’s Restorative Justice Hub are holding a Partnership Event with guest speakers and a workshop to develop next year’s plan. For more information please email [email protected] or call Lynsey Brown, Restorative Justice Co-ordinator on 07525 251 539.

18 November, London: The Restorative Justice Council’s annual conference ‘Restorative Justice 2020 Vision’ will start at 11.15, just after the Annual General meeting of the RJC. Among others, the EFRJ previous executive officer, Monique Anderson, will present on an European model of RJ for young people. Click here to see the full programme and register to the event!

18 November, London:  The 4th Annual IARS Research and Youth Leadership Awards 2015 will celebrate, empower and reward remarkable young people and their initiatives. Among others, the ‘Peacemaker of the Year Award’ is for a young person who had a positive impact in the community, supporting victims of crime by using restorative justice principles and practices.

19 November, Cleveland: The charity organisation ‘Why me?’ will deliver an awareness raising session on the benefits of RJ for victims of crime. Email [email protected] to know more and book your place!


16-17 November, Québec City: The National Restorative Justice Symposium gathers practitioners involved in the development of RJ in Canada where numerous national and international researchers and partners will come together.

Basic Resource Kit for Restorative Justice Week 2015 published by the Restorative Justice and Victim Services Division, Correctional Service Canada.

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