RJ WEEK 2016- Events in Europe and beyond

rj week 2016

The International RESTORATIVE JUSTICE WEEK will take place on 20-27 November 2016*: find below some of the events taking place in Europe and beyond! Contact us if you want your event to be advertised here! Also, the EFRJ is collecting your own RJ story to be shared on the EFRJ website! #RJWeek: follow us on social media!

*Please note that some of the events mentioned below do not fall exactly in this week.

If you need some communication material to promote your event:

  • The Restorative Justice Council (UK) produced a series of posters for use at events or to promote RJ in their workplaces. More info here.
  • The Project NIA, an organization based in Chicago (US), brought together a group of artists to create restorative justice posters featuring ‘restorative questions’. More info here.
  • The Correctional Services of Canada produced a resource kit including articles, news and recent developments in the field of RJ. More info here.
  • The EFRJ put together a presentation to share some of the events and stories collected for the RJ WEEK 2016. Feel free to show it, e.g. as a slide-show! EFRJ presentation in Pdf and in PowerPoint.

Under ‘news’, you can read three short reports of the three events organised by the EFRJ in Brussels and Leuven.



19 November, Bruxelles: closing event of the national prison week (12-22 Nov) with theatre, music, drawings, films. More info here.

20-27 November, different Flemish cities: The team of Moderator (the Flemish RJ services) will be handing postcards and pens to inspire people walking in the street or visiting the weekly market. Participants will be asked to think about conflicts they are involved in, if they could imagine being the opposite party and they will be asked what they would like to communicate to the other one concerned in the conflict. Finally, participants can send the postcard back to Moderator, or scan the QR code that leads to the website, where they can leave their comments. They are also invited to speak of it on social media with #prikkelmoderator. Download the postcard here. View the pictures here!

21 November, Brussels: the EFRJ organises a Master-Class on Theatre as a Restorative Tool. More info here. Short report of the day under news!

22 November, Leuven: RJ class with the students of the criminology Master programme at KU Leuven.

23 November, Brussels: the EFRJ organises a Cartoon Workshop. More info here. Short report of the day under news!

24 November, Leuven: Moderator.be (the Flemish RJ services) organises a conference on the implications of the Victims Directive. More info here.

25 November, Leuven: the EFRJ organises a Digital Storytelling Workshop. More info here. Short report of the day under news!

XX November, Leuven: prisoners and victims work together around the theme ‘Utopia’, using different forms of arts to share personal stories. More info here.

November (until January 2017), Colombian consulate in Brussels: the Colombian foundation ‘Plan Perdón‘, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of forgiveness as a possibility for the construction of peace, presents the photographic project ‘Los Rostros del Perdón’ (The Faces of Forgiveness), 8 pictures of people with different stories of forgiveness and reconciliation in Colombia.


16-18 November, Dubrovnik: Second CEP conference on ‘Alternatives to Detention in Central and Eastern European countries’. More info here.

21-25 November, Zagreb: The students of the course on VOM decided to’adjust’ the leaflet to be more ‘child friendly’ or ‘youth friendly’ (especially in regard to minors victims and offenders). The flyers will be posted here soon!


21 November, Paris: the French platform ‘Citoyens et Justice’ is organising a conference on RJ. Among other speakers, you can find three active members of the EFRJ, i.e. Antonio Buonatesta, Estelle Zinsstag and Lode Walgrave. More info here. Download the flyer incl. the programme here. Watch the videos of all interventions here.


18-19 November, Montelupo Fiorentino (Firenze): Workshop ‘Restorative justice and its practices: promotion of wellness tools’ with our Board Member Tim Chapman. More info here. Share the flyer!

Restorative flashmob

23 November, Tempio Pausania (Sassari): More than 100 students, supervised by Prof. Patrizia Patrizi and a local artist, will create the first ‘restorative flashmob’ using 200 little notes with restorative words and a red thread to involve citizens in this RJ initiative. More info here. Download the flyer and the poster. Uniss’ press release here and Ansa’s press release here. Watch the short film here.

24 November, Sassari: Signature of a memorandum of understanding between the Sardinian Center for Juvenile Justice and the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Sassari (chair of legal and social psychology). With the agreement, the parties agree to jointly activate research and training initiatives on RJ approaches and practies in cases of youth deviance. Consequently, NO C.Ri.Me (Nucleo Operativo Centro studi Riparazione e Mediazione – Core Operating team of the Study Center Repairation and Mediation) is established within the regional study center on juvenile justice. Among the objectives of their work: applied research and training to experiment new models of intervention for the development of legality, for the prevention of psychosocial risks, discomfort and juvenile delinquency, focusing particularly on initiatives such as peaceful conflict management, solidarity and social inclusion and, more generally, the promotion of relational approaches and RJ.

RJ Day in Ferrara

25 November, Ferrara: RJ Day, part of the master programme at the university, taught by Prof. Patrizia Patrizi (focus on community) and Prof. Susanna Vezzadini (focus on victims). More info here. Share the flyer!

20-27 November, Bari: The cooperative C.R.I.S.I. presented a short film made at the end of a series of theater workshops with juvenile offenders detained in shelters and institutions for rehabilitation. There will be no public screening of the film, but you can view it here (in Italian with English subtitles).

20-27 November, Como: The students of the course ‘Restorative Justice and penal mediation’ at the University of Insubria have made two poster presentations for the RJ WEEK 2016. The first one is on the use of mediation in culturally motivated crimes (in English here). It focuses on five words which promote a better understanding of restorative justice. The meaning of those five words is deeply investigated in the book ‘G. Mannozzi – G.A. Lodigiani, Giustizia riparativa, Giappichelli, Torino, 2017’ (available before December 2016). The second one is on the recourse to RJ and mediation to deal with conflicts which arise in working places (in English here). It derives from an empirical survey carried out with the support of a group of managers which are currently under training to the methods of RJ and mediation. Those managers are also part of a current, wider project developed at the University of Insubria and named ‘Managerial Humanism’ (Umanesimo manageriale) which is aimed to give centrality to the human person and to promote a better, safer and less conflictual work environment.


23 November, Lisbon: The Educational Services of the Prison-Hospital S. João de Deus in collaboration with Católica Global School of Law and EsPeRe are organising a workshop for inmates on ‘Forgiveness as a door to freedom’ after the inmates showed interest in the topic. More info here. Good news after the RJ WEEK: The event was highly appreciated both by the inmates and the educational services. Given the success of the initiative, a new workshop has already been planned for next month and the co-organizers are considering a more permanent collaboration starting next year.


24 November, Bucharest: Mediators’ College participates in a working meeting with the Probation Service officers. On this occasion, the mediators will present opportunities for the use of mediation in criminal cases, the stages and effects of mediation for the victimes, offenders, their families and the community. The case studies will be exemplified on how a mediation agreement helps remove criminal liability or to individualize sentences handed down by the courts. More info here.


24-25 November, Belgrade: the Victimology Society of Serbia (VDS) is organizing its 7th annual conference ‘Security and victimization: Challenges of social reaction and victims’ protection’. More info here.


8 November, Barcelona: Inauguration of the Department of Social and Restorative Justice within the Education and Social Work Faculty Pere Tarrés of the Ramon Llull University. More info here.

28-29 November, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque country: Days of RJ and social reparation for victims of gender violence. Find here the poster and the flyer of the event.


21-25 November: The Dutch probation organizes a series of activities to celebrate the closure of the project ‘Victim aware and restorative focused probation‘ with the aim to enhance professional awareness for restorative oriented probation. The national organization developed a menu with all kinds of activities and interesting speakers, and regional organisations can make their own choice to fill in their program. Also, during the RJ WEEK, it will facilitate the field with reports, posters, etc. Find the menu here.


10 November, Birmingham: ‘Listening event’ bringing together people working in arts and criminal justice settings. More info here.

11 November, London: Master-class on theatre in prison ‘Staging Rehabilitation’ for both theatre artists and CJ professionals. More info here.

16 November, London: The Prison Radio Association will reflect on how to use the radio for sharing stories between prisoners and the wider public. More info here.

21 November: space2face is issuing a media release to coincide with the RJ WEEK to announce the fact that the space2face project has just gained independent charitable status (so, a kind of re-branding of the project and re-launch!). More info about the project here. Download space2face media release.

22 November, London: the Restorative Justice Council (RJC) is organising its Annual General Meeting 2016, including a conference in the afternoon. More info here. RJC also produced a series of posters to be used to promote the RJ WEEK 2016: click here to download them.

22 November, London: The Irene Taylor Trust is celebrating 21 years of its work in prisons, now also in the community with ex-prisoners and young people in challenging circumstances. More info here.

23 November, University of Central Lancashire, Preston: Lunch-time seminar on ‘Restorative Justice Stories: insights into victims’ and offenders’ experiences’. For info and to registrations here.

23 November, Brighton: Brighton & Hove celebrates the RJ WEEK with an afternoon event looking at examples of national RJ developments and local practices. The theme of the event is around young people, education and inclusion. More info here.

23-25 November, Leeds: A 3 day international conference celebrating the power of working restoratively. More info here. Register here.

26 November, London: Housmans Radical Booksellers is hosting ‘Writing Police Wrongs’, an evening of fiction and poetry readings related to police injustice, followed by conversation. More info here.

7 November- 8 December, Bermondsay: the Synergy Theatre Project is offering a free 5-week course in drama workshop leading for ex-prisoners. More info here.

2 December, London: 6th annual lecture of the ‘Forgiveness Project’ including the keynote speech ‘The Quality of Mercy’ by poet Lemn Sissay. The Forgiveness Project uses the real stories of victims and perpetrators to explore concepts of forgiveness, and to encourage people to consider alternatives to resentment, retaliation and revenge. More info here.

7 December, London: Lecture will focus on the use of photography and film in criminal justice settings, looking at how different media can reveal life behind prison doors, and how film and photography can be powerful tools for sharing stories. More info here.


14-15 November, Buenos Aires: International conference on juvenile criminal justice ‘Good Practices for Specialized Justice’. Among other speakers, Prof. Ivo Aertsen, one of the key-founders of the EFRJ. More info here. For registrations and updated programme please click here here.


21-22 November, Halifax, Nova Scotia: National Restorative Justice Symposium. More info here.

24 November, Victoria: Presentation on ‘Metaphor and Spirit in Restorative Justice Practice’ by Jody Collins. More info here.


14-20 November, Oakland, CA: Restorative Oakland invites RJ practitioners, healers and people who are working towards creating communities to organise an activity during the RJ WEEK. More info here (or Facebook).