RJ WEEK 2016

rj week 2016

The International RESTORATIVE JUSTICE WEEK will take place on 20-27 November 2016. Also this year, the EFRJ will encourage your active participation in promoting RJ in the context of the RJ WEEK 2016! Please write us to promote your event or your story in the EFRJ website (more info here), or join us in Belgium to attend one or more activities we organised for you! #RJWeek: follow us on social media!

Some of the events and stories collected for the RJ WEEK 2016 will be shown as a slide-show: download the EFRJ presentation in Pdf and in PowerPoint and feel free to use it during your event!


 EFRJ WEEK 2016   |   Potentials of storytelling

Rest WEEK 2016 Logo COn the occasion of this year’s RJ WEEK, the EFRJ would like to focus on the potentials of storytelling for Restorative Justice (RJ), looking at different forms of arts, such as films, comics, theatre, which create the space for telling, sharing, listening to and understanding different stories. The aim of this RJ WEEK 2016 is to experience and create (restorative) stories that can inspire others to learn more about restorative approaches to dealing with crime and conflicts in our societies.

Although the EFRJ’s main focus remains the use of RJ approaches within the criminal justice system (e.g. victim-offender mediation), the use of arts for storytelling is a topic of interest that expands to different fields (e.g. social issues, youth, migration) where there is a need for stories to be shared and for different stories to be listened to.
Find below some information about the events taking place in Belgium (Leuven and/or Brussels) during the RJ WEEK 2016. Events will include activities not only for passively experiencing and ‘consuming’ stories, but also for sharing and creating them:


Master-Class on Prison Theatre (Brussels, 21 November, 14.00-18.00)

Cartoon Workshop (Brussels, 23 November, 9.30-17.30)

Digital Storytelling Workshop (Leuven, 25 November, 10.00-15.00)

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Please note that limited seats are reserved for each activity!


Man is the Storytelling Animal, and in stories are his identity, his meaning, and his lifeblood’ S. Rushdie

After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the things we need the most in the world’ P. Pullman

Stories are the fabric of our social lives.
We live in stories all day long; we use stories to organise the chaos of our lives.
We dream of stories and we tell them when we meet with others; stories make us feel less alone.
Some stories need a lot of courage to be told and, if shared, they can be the lenses for our listeners
to re-discover themselves, provoking an inner transformation and possible social change.


SHARE YOUR EVENTS: The EFRJ invites you to organise a public or private event related to restorative justice and/or attend an event organised in your area. Keep us informed if you want you activities to be disseminated via the EFRJ website! Find more info here! Your events will be listed here.

SHARE YOUR STORY: The EFRJ invites you to share your own story on restorative justice, using different forms of arts such as poetry, photography, painting, music, creative writing, videos. Find more info here!

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As in the previous years, the theme #RJWeek is INSPIRING INNOVATION. The EFRJ has been always very active in promoting this initiative across Europe (and beyond)! Just some examples below:

RJ WEEK 2013: the EFRJ joined this event by designing postcards which were sent across Europe in digital and printed versions.

RJ WEEK 2014: the EFRJ encouraged local teams across Europe and beyond to organize a ‘RJ Lunch on Inspiring Innovation‘ and produced the video-documentary ‘Restorative justice. Inspiring the future of a just society for all‘.

RJ WEEK 2015: the EFRJ organised a series of events in Leuven to celebrate its 15th anniversary and disseminated the events organised by its members.