Bucharest 23/02/2017

Seminar on alternatives to detention in Romania

Our Board member Bart Claes will represent the EFRJ at the seminar ‘Alternatives to detention’ organised by the Academy of European Law (ERA) on 23 February in Bucharest.

Claes will present in two sessions, i.e. the presentation ‘Restorative justice as a viable alternative: victim-offender-community mediation within and outside prisons – a synopsis of different practices throughout the EU’ and the workshop ‘Effective implementation and application of restorative justice’.

While Claes will be in Bucharest, you can meet the rest of the EFRJ team in Brussels for the CJPE seminar on the Victims Directive.



Some news from Claes, after his intervention in Bucharest.

As mentioned above, Claes presented on the EFRJ and the importance of RJ as an alternative to detention. He also presented his own research in a worshop linking RJ with desistance, focusing on his own research results published 4 weeks ago in a special issue of the International Journal of Restorative Justice (IJRJ). Claes and other participants also visited the biggest prison in Romania to talk with prisoners on reintegration and restoration: find some pictures of this field trip below.

Field trip in a Romanian prison, with Bart Claes on the right.

DSC06896 IMG_1645