Leuven 23/03/2017

Seminar on interdisciplinary research in criminology

Our Board member Brunilda Pali will be one of the presenters in the research seminar entitled ‘Experiences with interdisciplinary research in criminology: two in-house cases’ (in English) on 23 March (11.00-13.00) at the Faculty of Law of the KU Leuven. The seminar is organized by the workgroup on interdisciplinary research of the KU Leuven Institute of Criminology (KU LINC).

Pali will give the presentation ‘Art and criminology: providing context’ which will focus on the identification of possible pathways of intersections between art (and more generally ‘the visual’) and criminology. It will illustrate these pathways through concrete examples from the work of criminologists, with a focus on own examples. The major focus will be on the arts-based project ‘Art for social change: exploring justice through new media documentary‘, in which KU LINC and the EFRJ were a partner (together with Suggnome, the Flemish umbrella organisation for RJ, now called Moderator).

The project has turned to artistic practices to investigate the ways in which art can mediate and make tangible an alternative understanding of justice (see for example ‘Inside the Distance‘, an interactive documentary about RJ). The presentation will conclude by introducing briefly new mediums and formats used in social research, such as ‘virtual reality’ (see for example the presentation ‘Virtual Reality and Restorative Justice A Tech-mediated Approach to Victim-Offender Encounters‘ by Alexandra Ivanovitch during the 9th international conference of the EFRJ in Leiden, 22-24 June 2016).

You can register here to attend the seminar.