Seminar on RJ in the Asian Pacific region

Asian Pacific Perspectives on Restorative Justice –
Values and challenges for diverse needs

Tuesday 1st October 2013, from 16:00 to 18:00

Grote Vergaderzaal – on the ground floor of De Valk building
(Tiensestraat 41, Leuven)

Chair: Prof. Ivo Aertsen (LINC, KU Leuven)
Speakers: Dr. Brian Steels (Asia Pacific Forum for Restorative Justice)
Xiaoyu Yuan (LINC, KU Leuven)

The seminar will be opened by Dr. Brian Steels, who is the director of the Asia Pacific Forum for Restorative Justice and coordinator of the Institute for Restorative Justice & Penal Reform in Australia. Dr. Steels is also a researcher at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Curtin University. He has a special interest in Indigenous peoples throughout the region including Japan, Taiwan, China and India. Within Australia his experience in sentencing circles, family conferencing and healing ceremonies as well as his counseling work among Aboriginal communities is important.
He will give attendees the opportunity to explore the values and challenges of restorative justice practices in the Asian Pacific region, both inside and outside the criminal justice system. From Puktoon Jirga’s to India’s Panchayats, and from the outback of Australia to the streets of Tokyo, RJ provides unique responses to diverse needs, taking into consideration issues of gender, power, prestige and positions in society.

In the second presentation Xiaoyu Yuan, PhD student at LINC, will give a closer perspective on restorative justice in the Chinese context. One interesting point of this topic is the compatibility of Chinese legal culture with restorative justice principles and values. The presentation will specifically focus on the past and current restorative practices in the Chinese justice system.

After the presentations we foresee time for questions and discussion.

The seminar is free but we ask you to confirm your participation befire 30th September 2013 by sending an e-mail to Edit Torzs ([email protected]), stating your name and organisation.


After the seminar consider to attend a guided tour of the exhibition by Sharon Daniel from 19:00 and a debate from 20:00 at STUK (Naamsestraat 96 – in Dutch – with mediators, victims and offenders – a programme in the framework of the exhibition `Convictions` – http://www.stuk.be/en/program/convictions