EU restorative juvenile justice: Training in Spain

Since several years, the EFRJ initiated a strong collaboration with the Basque Government (Spain). This is strenghtened also by the presence in the EFRJ Board of Roberto Moreno, Head of Adult Justice Services of the Justice Department of the Basque Government.

Thanks to this collaboration and the proximity and joint work with Tim Chapman, EFRJ Board member from Northern Ireland and one of the key-researchers of the EU-funded project coordinated by the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) to design a European Model for Restorative Juvenile Justice, the Justice Department of the Basque Government will organise a training on 27 October in Bilbao (9am-2pm).

During this training (delivered in English with informal Spanish translation), Tim Chapman will present how mediation and other restorative practices are used in cases of juvenile justice across Europe. The training will bring together the staff of the psychosocial teams, but also victim support and restorative justice practitioners. Find here the programme of the event. Please contact Roberto Moreno for further information.

Also, save the date for this next collaboration with the Basque team: on 18 May 2017 Tim Chapman will give a workshop at the International Institute of Legal Sociology of Oñati to analyze the possibility of applying this model in Euskadi. Find here the abstract of this event (in English, although the workshop will have a Spanish translation).