Leuven 08-09/11/2017

Training on RJ with child victims

Download the presentations by clicking on the links below!

(1) Brunilda Pali – Introduction (RJ definitions, regulations and organisational Models) – 081117
(2) Inge Vanfraechem – Implementation Conferencing Case study Belgium -081117
(3) Ivo Aertsen – Implementation Mediation Case study Belgium – 081117
(4) Panel session – Theme 1 Legislation – facilitated by Edit Törzs – 081117
(5) Tim Chapman – Introduction to RJ practices (mediation, conferencing, circles) – 091117
(6) Hugh Campbell – Key theories of childhood to the experience of being a victim of harm – 091117
(7) – Hugh Campbell – Training (models, standards) – 091117
(8) – Edit Törzs – Training (models, standards) – 091117


The International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO), in partnership with KU Leuven and the EFRJ will organize a training session on Restorative Justice, with a special attention on child victims, on 8-9 November 2017 in Leuven (Belgium).

This training will take place in the framework of the IJJO led project ‘Implementing Restorative Justice with Child Victims‘, co-funded by the DAPHNE programme of the European Union.

In addition to examining restorative justice practices (mediation, conferencing), the training will place emphasis on implementation measures.


The training is free of charge for participants: it will bring together invited guests from each organisation partner in this project and some seats will be reserved to participants who will register using the form below

Registrations are possible on a ‘first come-first served’ basis. Still, in order to ensure variety within the group (in terms of country, type of organisation, professional background), please note that in the registration form you will be asked to give a brief description of your personal experience and motivation to attend the training (200 words max). Your registration will be confirmed within two days after the registration. Registrations will open on 1 October.