Restorative justice organisations

The EFRJ includes almost 60 organisations within its membership. You can find more information about them here. If you are an individual member of the EFRJ and you wish your organisation to be more visible please apply for membership as an organisation.

International organisations

Victim Offender Mediation Association (VOMA)

International institute for Restorative Practices

Restorative Justice Online from Prison Fellowship International

National and regional organisations


Australia – Offenders Aid and Rehabilitation Services of South Australia

Belgium – Moderator, Flemish umbrella-organisation (previously called Suggnomè)

Steunpunt Algemeen Welzijnswerk vzw


Bulgaria – HELP Foundation

Canada – Canadian Directory of Restorative Justice Programs with Youth fully searchable, on-line directory of about 80 youth restorative justice programmes in Canada.

Conflict Resolution Network Canada

Czech Republic – Association for Probation and Mediation in Justice (SPJ)

Denmark – Danish Mediation Association

France – Citoyens et Justice. Fédération des associations socio-judiciaires

Germany – Servicebüro für Tater-Opfer-Ausgleich und Konfliktschlichtung

Iceland – Midgardur

Ireland – Restorative Justice Ireland Network

Community Restorative Justice Ireland

The Mediation Bureau

Nenagh Community Reparation Project

Luxembourg – Centre de Médiation

The Netherlands – Echt Recht, Family Group Conferencing in the Netherlands

Restorative Justice Nederland

Slachtoffer in Beeld – Victim in Focus

Portugal – Associação de Mediadores de Conflitos

Portuguese Association for Victim Services (APAV)


South Africa – Restorative Justice Centre South-Africa

Spain – Scientifist society of restorative justice

Sweden – Swedish Forum for Mediation and Conflict Management

Ukraine – Ukrainian Centre for Common Ground

United Kingdom – Restorative Justice Council

Crime Concern Trust

Impatient Drug Rehab – Cyberbullying & Substance Abuse



Thames Valley Police

Transforming Conflict, Centre for Restorative Justice in Education

University of Central England – Centre for Criminal Justice Policy and Research

Victim Support Scotland

USA – Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking

Prison Fellowship International – Centre for Justice and Reconciliation

National Rehab Centers

Other relevant organisations


International organisations

International Victimology Website

Conférence Permanente Européenne de la Probation (CEP)

Church Council on Justice and Corrections

European Forum for Victim Services


European Forum for Urban Safety