Summer School and other projects in Italy

During the RJ Week 2014 the University of Insubria in Como (Italy) contacted us to advertise the events organised to raise awareness on restorative justice. Now, new events will be taking place in Como!

The Summer School ‘Mediation: Dynamics in Building Relationships. Some Essential Steps’ will take place betwen 8 and 13 June 2015. See the poster for more information (in Italian).

Managerial HumanismThe University of Insubria also launched another interesting project that will be soon exported in other Italian universities. It is called ‘Umanesimo Manageriale’ (literally, ‘Managerial Humanism’) and it includes training for adopting restorative justice to handle labor relations and possible other conflicts within the management of the University. See the poster (in Italian only), check the description of the project (soon translated in English) and the link with the managerial team of this project.