14th anniversary of the EFRJ

8 December 2000- 8 December 2014

14 years have passed by since the establishment of the European Forum for Restorative Justice (originally called the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice). Thanks to everyone who took part in this journey and contributed to the establishment of RJ across Europe and beyond.

Only during this past year, the EFRJ engaged in different activities for promoting international exchange, increasing cooperation and mutual assistance, raising awareness on RJ, coordinating and stimulating research in the field of RJ. These were our mayor events and activities of 2014:

In occasion of the EFRJ’s 15th anniversary, today 8 December 2014, we would like to thank all those individuals and organizations who assisted us in organizing all the activities held during the past year. We are looking forward to keep on collaborating with you and make RJ the future in Europe and beyond!