Film ‘Restorative Aperitif’ – RJ WEEK 2015

RJW2015 15AnniversaryEFRJMost of you should remember that a series of activities took place across Europe and beyond in occasion of the RJ WEEK 2015 last November.

Among others, on 19 November the University of Sassari (Sardinia, Italy) organised a Restorative Conference in Prison and a Restorative Aperitif in a local bar of Tempio Pausania. This last one was an initiative proposed by the owner of the bar in order to raise awareness about restorative principles and practices with the local community.

Today, the organisers of these restorative initiatives shared with us the film ‘Aperitivo Riparativo produced during the Restorative Aperitif in Tempio Pausania by the students of the departments of PolComIng, Political Sciences, Communication Sciences and Information Engineering from the University of Sassari.

The film (11 min, subtitled in English) shows their project to create a restorative community using peaceful restorative ways to understand relationships and deal with conflicts. In the film, we hear (and read) the reflections of students, professors, prisoners, community members who participated in peace-circles and/ or restorative conferences and engaged in this local cultural movement towards the use of restorative justice values and practices in daily life.

Find the film on YouTube or in the website ‘ReportersTV’.

For more films and documentaries about RJ please visit the EFRJ webpage dedicated to video materials on RJ (and more).