Interview with our Basque Board member

Our EFRJ Board member Roberto Moreno, responsible for the services for adult justice in the Basque government (Spain) had been interviewed by a local newspaper to speak about the benefits of RJ to improve justice and security in our societies. In this article (in Spanish), Moreno tells about the pioneering role of the Basque government in implementing mediation in cases of violent crimes, including terrorism, and minor conflicts (e.g. in communities and schools).

If you want to know more about the Basque experience, join us in Leiden on 22-24 June 2016! The EFRJ will held its 9th international conference on human rights and restorative justice. Moreno, as well as some colleagues from the justice department, will attend the conference, also in representation of the Basque government, one of the sponsors of the conference and other EFRJ events. Among the plenary speakers, Gema Varona, lecturer in criminology and victimology at the University of the Basque Countr, will speak about ‘Restorative justice & radicalization: ETA, RJ and Human Rights‘.