RJ theatre play in Oslo

The Norwegian theatre group ‘No Theatre’ is performing again the play ‘A conversation’, on a restorative meeting after a case of rape and homicide. Last time we met the actors in Leuven during the RJ WEEK 2015; this time they will be in Oslo on 15 April! Find here more information about this event and reserve your ticket because limited seats are available!

a conversation

Read below some recommendations:

A Conversation is a really powerful play. The first time I saw it, I was hit in the stomach. It was raw, it was naked, it was not like anything else i had seen before.” – Mona Mathisen, youth coordinator, The Norwegian Mediation Centre.

Having myself worked for some years with similar processes of conflict management, I find [A Conversation] to be the best and the most realistic representation of such a process.” – Espen Foss, Advisor, Street mediation, Norwegian Red Cross