RJ events with our Northern Irish Board member

Starting from 20 April 2016, a series of events will take place in Sassari and Rome (Italy) about restorative justice and restorative practices that aim at creating a culture of responsibility, respect and community justice.

Our Board Member Tim Chapman from Ulster University (Northern Ireland) will be present as a visiting scholar at the department of legal psychology and restorative justice models of the University of Sassari (Sardinia). Tim Chapman had been a partner in some EU-funded projects coordinated by the EFRJ (e.g. Judicial Training and RJ; ALTERNATIVE on RJ in intercultural settings) and he is currently the chair of the project ‘Forum 15’ aiming at reviewing the internal and external strategies and mission of the EFRJ.

In Italy, Tim Chapman will give several lectures for different audiences (e.g. prisoners, authorities, community members) and on different topics in the field of restorative justice and restorative practices:

  • 20 April (14. 30-19.30), Chamber of Deputies, Palazzo Montecitorio, Rome: Conference ‘Restorative justice: for a culture of respect and responsibility‘. Tim Chapman will present on ‘Protecting Rights, Restoring Respect and Strengthening Relationships: A European Model for Restorative Justice‘. Watch this event, chaired by Bruno Molea, on live streaming on the website of AICS- Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport. The edited videos are available here and here.
  • 22 April (9.30-13.00), prison of Rebibbia, Rome: Conference ‘Restorative justice: respect, responsibility, social inclusion and solidarity‘. Tim Chapman will give a keynote speech to all participants, including the prison population. In the afternoon, Chapman will meet with a group of prisoners.
  • 27 April (9.30-13.00), university of Sassari: Tim Chapman will give a keynote speech to the local authorities about application models of restorative justice.
  • 28 April (10.00-13.00), town hall of Tempio Pausania: Tim Chapman will give a keynote speech for authorities, professionals and citizens, about the experimental project of Tempio Pausania to become a RJ City.
  • 28 April (15.00-17.00), prison of Nuchis: Tim Chapman will participate in a restorative conference with prisoners and local community members.

More information about these events can be found here (in Italian only).


11-13 May: Tim Chapman also participated to an additional event, originally not foreseen in the planning. He was part of the theatre company ‘Compagnia Stabile Assai’ during the performance ‘Diciannove + uno‘. The company works with prisoners from the detention centre of Rebibbia. The report of the play, including the final remarks from Tim Chapman, can be read here (in Italian only).