A CONVERSATION: more screenings and DVDs

flyer A ConversationOn the occasion of the international #rjweek 2017, the EFRJ launched the film A CONVERSATION (No Theatre 2017) based on a theatre play where two families engage into a dialogue after the rape and murder of a young girl.

The film, which has been subtitled in 16 languages by our members, was screened in 68 different venues in 26 countries and reached about 3000 people coming from different fields of expertise (e.g. mediators, lawyers, psychologists, criminologists, probation officers, prison staff, policemen, artists, researchers, policy officers, educators, youth workers, activists…).

All screenings have been organised and introduced by our members who took part in the discussion afterwards and often invited guest speakers to contribute with their expertise in the RJ field (and not only). The strength of the film lies in showing what emotions and questions offenders, families, victims, context, etc. can have in dealing, personally, with a serious crime. It is not a demonstration of a RJ meeting, thus it was crucial to contextualise the film and RJ while distributing it to avoid misunderstands about RJ.

At the end of the #rjweek, the EFRJ received several requests to organise other local screenings, use the film for educational purposes and buy the DVDs. As in the contract with No Theatre, the film is now available only for EFRJ members because:

  • The EFRJ wanted the film to be always introduced and explained/discussed by one of our members, because of their knowledge in the field and because we trust they can explain the differences between this artwork and the realities in RJ practices.
  • No Theatre desired to acknowledge the work done by many volunteers and professionals who worked with a really low budget to make it happen by keeping it ‘special’ and reserved to a selected number of people.

In practice, EFRJ members can have access to the Vimeo channel (password protected, to be requested at the Secretariat and not to be disseminated widely) and buy DVDs at the price of 35 euros each (please use the form on the bottom of this page); they can organise a screening (always introduced and discussed) by informing the Secretariat which can assist in the dissemination of the event and providing materials if needed. Some guidelines have been created to introduce and discuss the film.

If you are not a member, please contact the Secretariat or join the EFRJ membership by following this link.

In all cases, screenings or other uses made of the film must be announced to the EFRJ (for internal records and statistics but also to assist with the organisation of the event). The film cannot be use for commercial purposes. The income generated by selling the DVDs and by screening the films will be used either to keep funding this filming project (e.g. for burning new DVDs) or to fund new art projects in the field of RJ.

Keep an eye on the EFRJ calendar of events to check if screenings (or other events) will take place in your area.



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