ALTERNATIVE Films: New material online

Two more short films have been published on the ALTERNATIVE Films Online Platform!!!

Our Austrian partner ‘IRKS’ edited two more interviews, one with Johannes Polt (community worker of the community center Bassena Schöpfwerk in Vienna) and one with Gabriele Grunt (trainer in restorative circles). Part of these interviews have been integrated in the final film produced by IRKS, ‘Activating civil society, striving for togetherness‘, but now you can watch the whole interviews with them here, to this page dedicated to all IRKS film productions. For German speakers only, IRKS also recently published a manual giving instructions and suggestions on community circles. This manual is based on the researchers and practitioners’ four years experiences in the social houses of Vienna.

Also, if you did not watch it yet, our Hungarian partner ‘Foresee Research Group’, created a short film to keep a nice memory of the final conference of the ALTERNATIVE project held in Leuven on 16-18 November 2015. Enjoy!

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