Award for an Italian Restorative City project

patrizia fotoOur Board member Patrizia Patrizi won the call for attività divulgativa e impatto sociale (dissemination activities and social impact) promoted by the social psychology section of the Associazione Italiana di Psicologia (AIP – Italian Association of Psychology).

Patrizia participated in the call with the pilot action-research project carried out in the past years “Tempio Pausania città riparativa”, the first experiment in Italy to create a RJ city by using restorative approaches in the community. The project was put together by the RJ team of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Sassari, which includes Gian Luigi Lepri (member of the Values & Standards Working Group of the EFRJ), who coordinated and facilitated the restorative conferences, and Ernesto Lodi (also a EFRJ member), who coordinated the research and wealth processes, as well as Maria Luisa Scarpa, responsible for the psychological consultancies, and Nicola Fresu, responsible for the legal aspects of the project.

The jury who evaluated the project was composed by the executive committee of the Social Psychology Section at AIP and by Giorgio Tonelli, RAI journalist and secretary of the order of journalists of the region Emilia Romagna. This was the first time that AIP, the national association for academic psychologists, launched a call for scientific research projects having a social impact, highlighting the purposes of (social) psychology in contributing to social change by promoting better quality for people’s lives and their communities.

To know more please read (in Italian only) the last newsletter of AIP and the page dedicated to the RJ city project of Tempio Pausiania (page still under construction).