Board elections 2018: List of candidates

At the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the EFRJ membership, two new Board members will be elected. The AGM will take place in Tirana, Albania on 13 June evening, just before the 10th international Conference of the EFRJ will start (14-16 June).

We are really thankful for the work done by the members of the selection committee: Ivo Aertsen (chair of the committee), Ian Marder, Diana Ziedina and Branca Peuraca. Since last October, they searched and approved nominations of candidates and they are now ready to announce the six candidates:

  1. TIM CHAPMAN – Northern Irelandelections-graphic-hands
  2. MAIA CHOCHUA – Georgia
  3. KERRY CLAMP – United Kingdom
  4. RASIM GJOKA – Albania
  5. OLGA KISELEVA – Russia


You can read here all information about these candidates and the comments made by their proposers and seconders. Only two of them will be elected in Tirana to replace the current and former chairs of the EFRJ Board, Tim Chapman (Northern Ireland) and Michael Kilchling (Germany). Both Tim and Michael were elected as Board members during the 2012 AGM in Helsinki and will have their 6-year period fulfilled in 2018. Michael has been part of the Board for two periods (12 years) and he cannot be nominated again, while Tim has been re-nominated for another 6-year period.

Please find out more information on the election procedure in the Annex to the code of internal regulations. If you will be unable to attend the AGM but would like to participate in the election, you can use express your preference using the proxy vote. Please contact [email protected] if you have questions about the election procedure.

Click here to know more about all Board members.