Board meeting

IMG_20161118_094005The Board of the EFRJ met last week, on 17-18 November in Leuven.

During this meeting, several issues were discussed, including the venues of the Summer School 2017 and Conference 2018 (which will be announced in the following weeks to our members).

Additionally, the Board discussed the composition of its Executive Committee and the Secretariat. The new chair of the EFRJ is Tim Chapman (Northern Ireland), who lead the Forum 15 project last year and participated in several relevant EU funded projects (e.g. ALTERNATIVE on RJ in intercultural settings; Judicial Training and RJ; the EU model of restorative juvenile justice). We are thankful for the work done in the past years by our former chair, Michael Kilchling (Germany).
Our new chair, will be supported by three Board Members in the Executive Committee (the vice-chair Annemieke Wolthuis, the secretary Brunilda Pali, the treasurer Bart Claes) and the Executive Director Edit Törzs.

You can find more information about the composition of the Board and the Secretariat here.

Some pictures below:

Board at work


Dinner Board & Staff


With Prof. Aertsen