Booklet on restorative environmental justice: call for papers

Image: Verliebt in unsere Natur by Andreas Nadler on Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

On the occasion of the international RJ Week 2019, we will launch a new publication on the potential of RJ in environmental justice (similarly to what we did in 2017 with the booklet on arts and RJ).

In September the EFRJ will publish a thematic Newsletter on this topic, and we wish to include these articles and many more in a booklet conceived to bring together ideas or running projects on the possible restorative responses to environmental harm and ecocide.

We collect articles (2000 words) until 15 September.
These can be:

1. general reflections on how RJ can contribute to environmental justice
2. actual restorative initiatives in this field, giving a voice to all parties affected by or involved in environmental harm
3. inspirational projects from activists, artists, youngsters, etc.
4. experiences where nature was introduced as “mediator” in RJ

This will not be an academic publication but a collection of ideas and experiences; the format of the articles is open, including interviews, testimonies, pictures, poems, etc. Send your contributions to Emanuela Biffi: some members of our editorial committee will review all articles by end September.

The digital booklet will be launched during the RJ Week on 17-24 November 2019. Printed copies will be available by the end of the year at the EFRJ Secretariat.

More actions on this topic will take place in the next months, initiated by the scholars, activists and practitioners who participated in the seminar “Restorative justice responses to environmental harm and ecocide​” (Leuven, 26 April 2019). If you wish to know more and be involved please contact our Board member Brunilda Pali. The videos of this seminar will be available on the Vimeo channel of the EFRJ in August.