Call for members of our Committees & Working Groups

In 2019, we wish to invite our members to actively take part in more Committees or Working Groups!

Committees are groups of members appointed for a standing project, like the Editorial Committee (which publishes our Newsletters every 3 months) or the Research Committee (which aims at identifying gaps in RJ research to propose topics for future research projects). Working Groups are members who gather together for a specific task in a limited timeframe, like the one working on Restorative Cities (and from 2020, we will normally launch the ones on Restorative Schools and Restorative Environmental Justice, as requested by some of our members).

Depending on the Committee/ Working Group, the number of members varies (3-10 members), who are appointed for a 2 years term (renewable). Individual members can be involved in maximum 2 Committees/ Working Groups; organisational members can delegate different persons without limits. Their Chair is chosen among and by the Committee/ Working Group members.

Depending on your interest and field of expertise, you may now chose among these three groups:

The deadline for applications is 26 August 2019. You will be informed by the second week of September. We invite interested members to send us a short bio (max 100 words) and a short motivation note, specifying own expertise on the topic and potential contribution to the shoes Committee/ Working Group (max 100 words). Please send it to the EFRJ Secretariat: [email protected] (subject line: the name of the chosen Committee/ Working Group).