Call for proposals: 11th EFRJ Conference 2020

The EFRJ is a platform for bringing people together, and its conferences are the best occasion to show the variety of expertise that the RJ movement includes, involving practitioners, researchers, academics, legal professionals, social workers, artists, policy makers and activists. The main themes will orientate the reflections and discussions of the parallel interactive sessions, but feel free to propose your own theme: the EFRJ is the place to be creative, innovative and experimental.

We encourage participants to contribute by choosing one of the following types of formats to actively participate in the programme of the 11th international EFRJ Conference (Sassari, 25-27 June 2020):

  • Panel discussion – 80 minutes (This session includes 2-3 presentations and 30 minutes discussion: contact other presenters and submit a joined abstract)
  • Training session – 80 minutes (This session includes practical exercises to learn specific practices or experience specific situations)
  • Dialogue session – 40 minutes (This session includes a short introduction on the topic; the presenter will then facilitate an open conversation with the audience)
  • Movie/documentary – 80 minutes (This session includes a film screening followed by a discussion)
  • Paper presentation – 25 minutes (This session includes 1 presentation, maximum with 2 presenters, and 10 minutes discussion)
  • Testimonies – 25 minutes (This session is about personal experiences of RJ)
  • Poster presentation – printed A2 posters are shown in the main hall

Proposals must be accompanied by:

  • Title of the presentation/workshop
  • Name and job title of the author(s)
  • Type of contribution: panel, training, dialogue, movie/documentary, paper, testimonial, poster
  • Theme: 1. Space and time, 2. Language and narratives, 3. Other
  • Abstract of the paper presentation or detailed description of the session (250 words)
  • Biography of the presenter(s) (50 words)
  • Keywords that describe your presentation/workshop

Proposals must be submitted in a Word document by 10 November 10 December 2019 using the form below.

If two or more presenters submit the same proposal, please make sure all names and biographies are mentioned in the Word document. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by our scientific committee. Applicants will be informed about the acceptance of their proposal about one month after the deadline. Please note that all presenters must be registered at the conference and all abstracts must be submitted in English, the official language of the conference.