CJPE Summer Course: workshops’ reports

The Criminal Justice Platform Europe (CJPE) organised the 2nd International Criminal Justice Summer Course on Radicalisation & Violent Extremist Offenders (Barcelona 3-6 July 2018) . Each organisation member of CJPE addressed this topic from a different but complementary angle in one of the 3 parallel workshop sessions. The workshop leaders invited by the EFRJ (i.e. Claudia Mazzucato, Guido Bertagna and Gemma Varona) worked for reimagining violent extremism (restoratively). Click here to know more about this event, or check the booklet (incl. programmes and bios).

Click on the links below to download the reports of the 3 parallel workshops:

Workshop Report_Characteristics of VEO
Workshop Report_Exploring ‘alternatives to detention’
Workshop Report_Reimagining violent extremism restoratively

The presentations and notes provided by the workshop leaders of “Reimagining violent extremism restoratively” have been disseminated with the participants only, as the topics discussed were extremely complex and the slides represent an oversimplification which may cause misunderstandings if separated from an explanation and discussion. Please contact the EFRJ Secretariat if you have questions about the contents of this workshop sessions: if possible, we will respond or put you in contact with the workshop leaders.


Workshops’ participants (Barcelona 3-6 July 2018)