CoE Recommendation on RJ adopted

On 3 October 2018, the new Council of Europe Recommendation concerning restorative justice in criminal matters was adopted. This is the most advanced international document for our field.

Click here to find more information, including the links to the recommendation and its commentary.

The EFRJ, represented by the chair Tim Chapman, director Edit Törzs and founder Ivo Aertsen, had an important consultancy role during the meetings of the Council of Europe PC-CP (Council for Penological Co-operation) and in the exchanges with Ian Marder, the appointed expert for revising the 1999 Recommendation concerning mediation in penal matters. In the following months, Ian Marder, on behalf of the EFRJ, will develop country specific policy briefs to be sent to the relevant Ministries in all CoE member states.

The Recommendation will be also discussed on the launch event of the new EFRJ initiative, the European Restorative Justice Policy Network, which will take place in Brussels on 19 November 2018 (first day of the international RJ Week). The EFRJ already sent invitations to almost all EU Member states and several representatives at the ministries showed interest in taking part part in the ERJPN.

You can read more about the (making of) the Recommendation(s) on two articles written by Christa Pelikan, Ivo Aertsen and Ian Marder for the EFRJ Newsletter (pp. 2-7, published in June 2018) and in the article written by Ian Marder and Tim Chapman for the CEP Newsletter (published in November 2017). Also, you can watch the panel discussion on “The role of international instruments for RJ” during the 10th international conference of the EFRJ (Tirana, 14-16 June).