Communication materials on RJ

The EFRJ is collecting several types of communication materials (e.g. informative leaflets, brochures, posters) written in different languages to inform victims, offenders and communities about the existence of RJ services and practices in Europe (and beyond).

This collection of communication materials has been requested by one of our members, who is currently designing informative leaflets to practically implement Art. 4.1(j) of the Victims Directive 2012 on the right to receive information on the available RJ services in the country. It is also a follow-up on the EU-funded research project ‘Accessibility and Initiation for RJ‘, coordinated by the EFRJ and concluded in September 2014.

All communication materials collected will be posted on the EFRJ website (under ‘Resources’) by the end of the year. The deadline for submitting your communication material (in a .pdf format) is 10 December 2016.

Please CONTACT US if you need further information and if you wish to share your communication materials with us (subject line: ‘RJ Communication Materials’)!