EFRJ Annual General Meeting 2016

The EFRJ Annual General meeting 2016 will take place on 21 June in Leiden (The Netherlands) the day before the 9th international conference will begin (22-24 June)! The draft agenda is available here. If you would like to add an additional item, please submit your proposal to the Secretariat of the EFRJ before April 21st, 2016. Your proposal(s) must be supported by at least one other member from another country.

Registrations for the conference will start at 17h, while the EFRJ AGM will take place between 18h and 20h. The AGM, as well as the whole conference, will be hosted in the ‘Kamerlingh Onnes Building’ of the Leiden Law School, one of the largest faculties of Leiden University (address: Steenschuur 25, Leiden; phone: +31 71 527 7513).

This will be a special AGM for the EFRJ. Indeed, EFRJ Board and Staff will present the findings of the Forum 15 project. Additionally, four new Board members will be elected: find here more information about the Board elections 2016.

The ceremony for the European RJ Award will take place the first day of the conference, during the reception at the city hall (22 June, 17.15h).

See you all in Leiden!