EFRJ Newsletter- Editorial committee

During its last meeting, the Board approved the candidatures of new (and old) members of the Editorial Committee of the EFRJ Newsletter. Members will serve two year terms, renewable ad infinitum. The call for applications was opened at the end of the summer.

Currently, the Editorial Committee of the EFRJ Newsletter is composed by:

  • Kerry Clamp (Australia), editor
  • Martin Wright (UK, European RJ Award winner in 2012), re-approved in 2015
  • Robert Shaw (UK), re-approved in 2015
  • Branka Peurača (Croatia), re-approved in 2016
  • Nicola Preston (UK), re-approved in 2016
  • Diana Ziedina (Latvia), re-approved in 2016
  • Catherine Jaccottet Tissot (Switzerland), new candidature approved in 2016

Members of our committees engage in the EFRJ activities on a voluntary basis: without their hard work and commitment, the EFRJ would not have achieved so many objectives in these past years! We are really thankful for their active presence as part of the EFRJ team.

If you have information or you want to publish an article in the EFRJ Newsletter, or if you have any comments to improve our Newsletter, you can contact the Editorial Committee at [email protected].