End of the RJ WEEK 2016

The RJ WEEK 2016 is just over! Some members of our RJ community will still use the following weeks to raise awareness about RJ, but many events already took place last week. Activities across Europe and beyond have been listed on the EFRJ website and in this PowerPoint presentation, ready to be shares within your network!


The EFRJ organised three events in Belgium last week. You can find here more information about the master-class on the use of theatre in prison and the workshop on drawing comics on victimisation experiences.

IMG_20161125_132819 On Friday, the EFRJ invited Nele Gulinck and Erik Claes to give a practical workshop on digital storytelling and restorative justice. The two trainers explained how they initiated to combine these two practices in different urban settings in Brussels. Digital storytelling and RJ seem to have many aspects in common: the authenticity of the stories collected, the ownership and responsibility of the stories told, the results coming out of a group process, the safe environment in which stories are voluntarily shared, the dialogue initiated out of the stories told and listened to.

IMG_20161125_132828After some warming up exercises, Nele and Erik invited us to share our own story. The theme was ‘feeling powerless’, a theme often linked with a feeling of injustice. Individually, participants drew a sort of storyboard with 6 boxes (excluding title and end) where they wrote down short sentences describing this personal story of powerlessness and injustice. Then, participants worked in couple to take pictures and record the audio of their stories and finally the whole group saw the 1-minute digital stories on the big screen.

IMG_20161125_132806Some of our digital stories have been posted on the Vimeo channel of the EFRJ. Click on the links below to watch different perceptions of feeling powerless in situations of injustice:

We would like to thank all people who actively participated (from all over the world) to raise awareness about RJ in the country! Check #RJWeek on social media to know more!