European Day of Victims of Crime

On the occasion of the European Day of Victims of Crime (22 February 2019), the EFRJ (re-)launches some materials relevant for victim support and restorative justice services.

Today we publish the summary of the research report “Victims and Restorative Justice: An empirical study of the needs, experiences and position of victims within restorative justice practices”. Our previous intern, Annika Schuurman from Amsterdam university, worked on it as part of her 4 months internship in the EFRJ Secretariat. Download it here.

We also wish to re-launch some relevant materials published as part of two EU funded projects we were partner in the past year.

The practice guide of the project “Implementing Restorative Justice with Child Victims” coordinated IJJO (2016-2018) has been translated in 7 languages and is available online since January. The guide includes practices for ensuring a child-friendly restorative justice process where children who entered in contact with the justice system (as victims and as offenders) can benefit from this service. Download it here. For those ones interested in this topic, the EFRJ organises its Summer School with trainers Bie Vanseveren and Belinda Hopkins in Gdansk on 22-26 July: few seats left!

A manual, report and digital stories of the project “Victims of road traffic offences” coordinated by Rondpunt (2016-2018) were launched last November to celebrate the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims and the RJ Week. Download them here. Within the framework of this project, many more materials have been made available for those ones working to support victims of road traffic offences: check the Rondpunt website to know more.

Enjoy reading! To know more about the awareness campaigns going on around the European Day for Victims of Crime please visit the website of Victim Support Europe or follow social media with #MakingVicitmsRightsaReality.