Forum 15 Project – Meeting in Leuven

On 1 and 2 February, part of the EFRJ Board and Staff met in Leuven to work on the Forum 15 Project, together with two Dutch facilitators. Discussions referred often to the findings of the survey* answered by members of the EFRJ in the past months. Indeed, one of the main aims of the Forum 15 Project is to give a voice to EFRJ members to understand how to continue our strategy and mission across Europe, and beyond, in the field of RJ. This moment was also a good occasion for our new director, Daria Nashat, to be introduced to the Forum 15 Project and to get to know most of the Board.

EFRJ Board and Staff at work for the Forum 15 project (Leuven, 1-2 February 2016)

* Those EFRJ members who did not yet submitted the Forum 15 survey have time until 15 April: click here to fill it in! Thanks for your contributions!