An inspiring week in Vienna

`Restorative justice in intercultural settings: business as usual?`
29 July – 02 August 2013, Vienna

More than 30 practitioners, researchers and trainers from 13 different countries came together in Vienna for a week to share their experiences and learn from each other on the application/possibilities of restorative justice approaches in intercultural conflict settings.

This year the Summer School was organised in the framework of the ALTERNATIVE project. Besides training on intercultural aspects in RJ practice, summer school participants had the possibility to visit organisations in Vienna using restorative justice and/or working in intercultural settings. One day was dedicated to a more in depth learning experience on the ALTERNATIVE project itself, having colleagues from Northern Ireland (UU) and Hungary (Foresee) giving full day workshops based on their research and activities in the project. The reserach in the project is also enriched with the experiences, remarks, questions, debates, feedback of all participants. According to participants’ feedback it served as a mutual learning experience, as well as a possibility to build professional networks and personal contacts. The Africa festival, the warm and sunny weather, the evening walks, drinks and a summer school dinner hopefully served this purpose well.

Pictures from the summer school