Interview with Board member Katerina Soulou

Our Board member Katerina Soulou was interviewed on RJ in sexual violence for the French magazine “Le Journal du Dimanche“. The article, entitled “La justice restaurative, un outil contre les violences sexuelles?“, was published on 8 March, international women day.

Apart from Katerina, two other persons were interviewed:

  • Emmanuelle Piet, president of a feminist association against rape, who shares her opinion that an encounter between victims and offenders in these cases may be not beneficial for the victims and even worsen their situation, and
  • Olivia Mons from France Victimes.

Click here to read the article (in French).

To know more about this topic you can attend the RJ Symposium (Bilbao, 5-6 June) where, on the 2nd plenary, mediators Karin Sten Madsen (Denmark) and Bernd Glaeser (Austria) will share their experience on the use of RJ in cases of sexual violence and intimate partnership violence.