Join the Editorial Committee!

The Editorial Committee of the EFRJ Newsletter always welcome your feedback on articles as well as any ideas you might have to improve this publication. But you can also have a more direct impact on the work of the Editorial Committee by joining it!

The EFRJ Board is looking to appoint further members to the Editorial Committee at its meeting in Leuven on 17-18 November 2016.

We welcome people with a wide range of interests in restorative justice, in particular those acquainted with restorative justice in the Scandinavian, French speaking and Spanish speaking countries but in practice anyone with an interest in furthering the work of the EFRJ in sharing restorative practices across Europe and beyond.

Appointments are for two years and are renewable. Please note that you should be a member of the EFRJ to apply for this (voluntary) position.

Please contact the EFRJ Newsletter’s Coordinator, Emanuela Biffi, with your comments and expressions of interest in joining the Editorial Committee.