Judicial training in Belfast, Northern Ireland (April 2014)

Developing judicial training in restorative justice: Towards a European approach

On April 1, 2014, 22 prosecutors attended the training on “Raising awareness on RJ”, organised in the framework of the EC funded project “Developing judicial training in restorative justice: Towards a European approach”.

The event was co-organised by European Forum for Restorative Justice, University of Ulster, and the Public Prosecution Service in Belfast. Two working sessions were devoted to practical cases of restorative justice and identification of good practices. During the training program, the participants and the trainers addressed the following issues: (1) A new classification of suitable crimes cases for restorative justice; (2) Development of restorative justice practices for adult offenders; (3) Increasing the effectiveness of the criminal proceedings and the protection of victim’s rights.

These quotes from the participants give a good impression about the training:

“The trainers had excellent experience in the RJ field, well structured program and a nice atmosphere“,
“Training was very good. Informal and comfortable setting. Carried out in a structured and professional way“
“Excellent content – straight to the point”
“This training allowed me to reconsider my mindset while dealing with criminal cases with adults”
“Very useful and beneficial. Has given me more confidence in being able to put an application together’”

The main outcome of this training program is the detailed recommendations on how to overcome obstacles to apply RJ in criminal cases and to promote best practice across the country.

If you require any further information about this judicial training, please contact the Researcher Coordinator of the project, Ms. Tzeni Varfi at [email protected]